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A Travel Vest That Works–Finally: SCOTTEVEST Field-Tested & Reviewed

CVW_SEV_3After many years wearing a photo vest stuffed with lenses and film that made me look like a cross between an Empire Stormtrooper and a stuffed chipmunk I was thrilled to park it permanently in my closet with the advent of digital. For situations where I needed a few pieces of gear in the field the clever Thinktank Skin system belt and pouches were a lighter, cooler and frankly more comfortable solution. Read more »

Oben: Finally a Cost Effective Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod?

Oben CT-3520 5-Section Carbon Fiber Folding Tripod w/ BB-1T Ball HeadNothing seems more daunting to the beginning photographer than the cost of a good tripod. Especially if you want one that is light (meaning carbon fiber legs), rugged and rigid. And if you want to use it for wildlife photography you’ll also need one that is tall enough to use standing up and will support your longest lens. The only models that most pros agree meet these needs are the amazingly long-lived Gitzo carbon fiber models legsets combined with a nice Gitzo, Really Right Stuff or Wimberly head.

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David & Lorrie’s Travel Clothing and Accessories

These are items that we either rely on personally in my travels or have been picked out for our clients by the experienced travel pros at Edward’s Luggage, a local family owned chain of four travel and luggage stores here in the Bay Area. It is by no means complete but I’ll be adding to it and expanding it as new products come to my attention:


For trips involving small planes it is essential to use duffel type bags.

No Clouds at Sunrise? Turn your Back

Almost every sunrise and sunset photo published has clouds, fog or something of interest in the sky. But for those of us graced with months of dry weather stretching hundreds of miles—like that found in much of California for much of the Spring through Fall—what do you do when you get to your favorite scene bright and early before the Sun only to see the makings of a gorgeous but frankly boring blue sky. Read on to find one solutions (we’ll give you a hint, the answer is not to go back to bed!)…

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My Favorite Android Apps—Especially for Travel and Photography

After many years clinging to Windows Mobile hoping for a miracle I finally gave up this year and switched to an HTC Aria from AT&T running Android—the open source phone OS from Google. I’m with AT&T mostly because it has the best international roaming options, and the Aria is their first really sweet Android phone (and tiny!). A lot has been written about iPhones and iPads for travel and photography, but for those of you with or considering or owning an Android phone here are the applications I’ve battle tested and relied on in the 20,000 miles of road and air trips I’ve completed in the 90 days I’ve had the phone…

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