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iGot-U Handy Trip Logger GPS from MobileAction

Image of i-gotU GT-120 USB GPS Travel Logger w/Blog Software - Record and Trace outdoor activity on 3D Map!
 There are plenty of photography and camera specific GPS devices, and of course lots of hand held and car units, but the iGot-U family of GPS dataloggers from MobileAction Technology are unique as a truly "pocket friendly" gizmo that do one simple thing very well--track and share where you've been...

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Natural Bridges, Utah: Today’s Hidden Gem

While my daughter Annie and I travel around the West visiting parks and historic sites we like to make sure and find one or two lesser known parks on each of our travel days. Annie is particularly good at finding these and yesterday was no exception, with a great slot canyon hike at Capitol Reefs and a quick visit to Natural Bridges National Monument, a true hidden gem…

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Are You Checkpoint Ready? Checkpoint Friendly Bag & Insider Travel Tips

For every two steps back we take in lost travel convenience due to the latest new security regulations sometimes we can take a step forward. The newly arrived “Checkpoint Friendly” laptop briefcases are an example of that. I’ve been using the Skooba/Tenba Checkthrough Laptop Roller Case and it is definitely a stress reliever when going through crowded checkpoints with my vitally important (to me at least) laptop. Read on for our review and some of my favorite “insider” travel tips…

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DPS 7-02: Travel Security & Safety, plus Reviews of a new photo book option and other hot products

Feature Article: Staying Safe & Secure While you Travel

After writing my article for PC Magazine last year on the perils of un-secured e-Mail and after more than one friend had their laptop stolen while traveling I decided to get serious about data security for my travels--both around the US and internationally. I've come up with a set of tools and techniques that taken together can help you minimize the danger of losing any personal information or other valuable or private data you may have on your laptop or type into your web browser. I strongly recommend anyone who does very much travelling consider doing something like this.