Clamming--Brown Bear Style

No one knows quite how or when Alaskan Brown Bears (also known as Grizzly Bears) learned to clam. Or rather, lots of people claim to know but they all have different stories...But what is certain is that the knowledge spreads and is passed down from mother to cubs. So one of the highlights of our summer Grizzly Bear Photo Safaris has become photographing the bears clamming. This female was particularly adept, sensing where the razor clams were dug in through some combination of seeing their spout marks and perhaps smelling them. Keith, Wanda, Adam, Betty and I, along with our bear guide Drew, have enjoyed two straight mornings of gorgeous light and great photography as the bears practically ignore us while they focus on the clams. Getting low is one of the secrets to a compelling clamming shot so kneeling in the sand was a popular way to make the most of the photo experience.