Does 9300 = 400? Rumored Nikon D9300 may be the long-awaited Nikon D400

Nikon D300s SLR Digital Camera (Body Only)Along with the Yeti and UFOs, the Nikon D400 has been long-rumored and much-anticipated. For those loyal D300 and D300s owners who haven’t either given up and switched to Sony (note that Canon isn’t any more helpful in terms of delivering a high-end APS-C sensor DSLR, so they’re no help) or upscaled to full-frame, help might finally be on the way. Nikon Rumors (okay, so they’re wrong a lot, but they’re right sometimes!) is touting a possible Nikon D9300 successor to the Nikon D300s. The 9300 moniker would put it above the 3, 5, and 7 series consumer cameras, syncing up with their most recent “3” model iterations. However, it may clearly mark the remaining three-digit cameras (Nikon D800, Nikon D600) as full-frame “pro” models. No details yet, but of course we’ll pass them along if and when they come to light.