DPS 10-01: CES Reports, Canon S100 Reviewed, Nikon D4, Canon G1 X hands-on

DigitalPro Shooter -- 01/31/2012 DPS 10-01

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We'll be heading back to Myanmar, where we photographed these young monks, in January, 2013. Email us at safaris [at] cardinalphoto.com if you're interested! 

Subscriber -- Welcome to DPS 10-01, late January, 2012: With CES and PMA launching dozens of new products this month has flown by. I spent a week covering the shows and while there were literally hundreds of cameras introduced, there were three that stood out. We've reviewed or given a first look to all of them: the Nikon D4, the Canon G1 X, and the Fuji X-Pro1. We also review the hard-to-findCanon PowerShot S100 after a month hands-on with one.

We've also got updates or reviews on the amazing Photoshop Touch tablet application, Eye-Fi Pro cards, and new Sigma lenses.

With the new year it's also natural to start to anticipate all the great photo trips we have planned for 2012. We still have openings in most of them -- all popular destinations we've visited and vetted many times before! -- for photographers of all levels and for non-shooting companions as well. Our trips are small, personal, and focused on the clients. Because they are small, we work to customize them for all our clients. It's no wonder about half of our participants are multi-time clients from previous trips. Our personal guarantee is that you won't find a better offering anyplace else.

Our Texas Hill Country bird photo safari in April is beginning to fill up. It'll once again include only a small group of us staying and shooting in a pristine and historic ranch setting with custom designed photo blinds and setups, deluxe accommodations, and home-cooked meals, all right on the gorgeous Block Creek Natural Area properties. The setting is gorgeous, with plenty of hiking, sight-seeing and other opportunities for interested in a variety of activities in addition to photography. I'll be heading from there directly to our popular Rio Grande Valley birds of South Texas photo shoot, a long-time favorite where we also have a couple openings. For the ultimate Texas trip, join us for both!

We're starting to get sign ups for our July Alaska Bear safaris so now is a good time to sign up while you can still get your choice of weeks and the early bird discount. You can read my trip report from last year online or just skip to the 2012 Alaska Bear Photo Safari info if you'd like to join us.

There is no better trip of a lifetime than our Deluxe Botswana, African Wildlife Safari, which we're offering in Nov/Dec, 2012: We're accepting deposits for the Botswana trip already. It features three of the very best safari camps in all of Africa, so if you've been waiting for the perfect time to go on that safari of a lifetime, this is it! If you have any quesionts, please let us know by emailing safaris [at] cardinalphoto.com

Ithar fisherman on Inle lake at sunset, Myanmar during Cardinal Photo Tour



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Canon PowerShot S100 point and shoot

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Big News: Canon S100 In Stock at B&H!
Perhaps the best pocket camera every is available again.

Fall Color in the Texas Hill Country courtesy of David Langford

Website forum Updates:

We're overhauling our nikondigital.org forums this week. After over a decade of running them in the now old-fashioned stand-alone BBS style, they will become fully integrated into the overall website. That means with a single login you'll be able to comment on articles on the site, post to the forums, and share forum posts with your Facebook or Google Plus friends. You'll also be able to log in to the forums using a Facebook ID, the way you can now to the website. The new forums should be live by Friday, February 3, with email instructions on updating your forum account going out to all of our 3500 registered users.

In a bit of a return to my high-tech journalism days, I've begun writing a bit for extremetech.com. Only a few of the articles are directly photo related, but if you enjoy keeping up with technology that may impact all of us eventually, you can keep up with my articles on their site. I covered both PMA (the photo trade show) and CES (the consumer electronics trade show) in mid-January in Las Vegas. 

 Inthar fishermen warming themselves before dawn with a fire in their wooden boat, pre-dawn on Inle Lake, Myanmar, Cardinal Photo tour.

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Mother Bear and Cub playing Hide and Seek by David Cardinal. National Wildlife Federation 2011 First Place Winner--Mammals
This award-winning image was captured with a Nikon D300s,
and a Nikon 200-400mm f/4 lens with 1.4x TC. 1/750s @ f/5.6, ISO 800.
I knew that I wanted plenty of shutter speed to freeze the quick action,
so I bumped my ISO to 800 and opened the lens wide (with TC f/5.6 is wide-open).