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The towers of Angkor Wat are majestic at any time, but especially at sunrise and at sunset. I hope you can join us for our photo tour of the great temples & cultural sites of Cambodia in January.

Highlights of this issue:

  • Nikon D600
  • Canon 6D
  • Google buys nik
  • Cambodia trip opportunity
  • Free B&H October Event

Welcome to DPS 10-08: Nikon D600, Canon 6D, Google+nik, Angkor Wat trip & B&H Event updates -- September started off slowly, but ended with some serious camera fireworks. Sony introduced it's full-frame A99, followed within hours by Canon with the 6D and Nikon with the D600. Most exciting, the D600 shipped within days after its announcement -- one of them to our office. You can read about all these cameras in this issue. I also read and reviewed a great new "bible" for Photoshop CS6 for the issue.

In October I'll be helping kick-off a photo contest in the B&H event space. I hope you can stop by, but make sure and register in advance as I suspect the event will fill up (details below).

Because of the way sign-ups worked out for our Southeast Asia photo tour in January, we're also able -- for the first time -- to offer a Cambodia only photo tour for those interested in seeing the wonders of Angkor Wat and Cambodia. 

You can help by shopping at B&H!

Product Updates:

Remember that our newsletter's costs are partially subsidized by money we get from our affiliate relationship with B&H. So we encourage you to use and bookmark our links to Shop at B&H or start your shopping session from one of the convenient search boxes on the home page of nikondigital.org. THANKS for your continued support! 

Reminder: B&H will be closed starting Sunday for the next week, so if you need something soon, best to order it now. 

Young Alaskan brown bear curious about whether another bear is in the area
This young female bear is too old to be called a cub, but not yet a sow.
She has a little bit of time to figure out her way in the worldbefore becoming a mother in a year or two.
I hope you can join me in Alaska next year where every day
brings a unique wildlife experience with the bears. 


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Event Updates:

Texas in May, 2013: We're all set for a return trip to the Hill Country during the peak of migration season. You can put down an earlybird deposit online for our 2013 Hill Country trip now.

From there we'll head down to the birdy Rio Grande Valley, for five days of shooting on private, "group-only" ranches. Participants are likely to photograph 40 different woodland species or possibly even more during the 5 days. Featured species include Painted Bunting, possibly Indigo, Varied and Lark Buntings, as well as Scissor-tail Flycatchers, Orioles, Green Jays, Harris Hawks, and Crested Caracara -- along with usual residents like Bobwhite, Scaled Quail, Northern Cardinal, Pyrrhuloxia and plenty of doves. This is a popular trip, so consider signing up early for our 2013 Rio Grande Valley trip to make sure and get a good room.

Antique truck from local vineyard

I almost always bring my IR camera with me for photo shoots.
While I was photographing a grape harvest I found this old truck in the leaves.
The lighting was awful but IR+HDR came to the rescue.
If you like to learn more about techniques like this, please join us for a photo trip! 

Alaska bears and puffins, July. 2013 will be my 14th year returning to the Cook Inlet in Alaska to photograph America's most spectacular animals. And even though I'm just on my way up for this season I'm already excited to announce I plan to head back again next year for July 2013. These trips fill up every year so if you want to hold a spot go ahead and get your deposit in as soon as you can and take advantage of the earlybird discount.

Remember: You can earn great discounts on our trips with our new Customer Loyalty Program If you have a group and want a custom safari to any of the destinations we frequent, drop us a line at safaris [at] cardinalphoto.com!!

Other Ongoing News:

We've re-designed our newsletter to put our reviews, tips, and articles front and center (actually at the top), and moved our event updates further down, with the goal of making the newsletter valuable and easy to read even for those who aren't interested in attending any of our events.

I'm excited to be working with Datacolor and David Tobie again. I've starting writing articles for their SpyderBlog online site, as part of their Friends with Vision and Datacolor Experts programs. Some of my articles will feature their products, but others will be general topics of interest, like the one I just posted on A Photographers' Survival Guide to Colorspaces.

In a bit of a return to my high-tech journalism days, I've begun writing a bit for extremetech.com. Only a few of the articles are directly photo related, but if you enjoy keeping up with technology that may impact all of us eventually, you can keep up with my articles on their site.



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Good shooting!

NWF 1st place image 2011 mammals category
By popular demand, we've made our award-winning image
available for print purchases or use on custom products.
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