Fathers’ Day: A Walk in the Park (Avenue)

A walk down Park Avenue in New York would be a lot of fun anytime, especially Fathers’ Day, but a walk down Park Avenue Canyon in Arches National Park was a great treat. Annie and I braved the 105 degree temps (but it was a dry heat:-)) to be amazed by the stunning vistas and tiny critters that make up the canyon….


Park Avenue is one of the easier hikes in Arches National Park, a little less than a mile down a relatively easy trail. Of course if you don’t have two cars then the mile back up is a bit more work but yields different views and some good exercise.

Lest you think today was all work and no play, after the hike we headed off to our favorite “historic” diner, Milt’s Stop’n’Eat in Moab (not much has changed there since it opened in 1954) for burgers and a shake before returning for a sunset hike up to the spectacular Delicate Arch.

What a great way to spend a Fathers’ Day!