Nikon D4s Keywording Issues

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Nikon D4s Keywording Issues


I'm having issues with keywords not applying to the images shot with a D4s.  I'm shooting RAW + JPEG, so the keywords appear to work correctly during import and the images appear to accept their priority tags.  However, after right clicking and selecting Edit Raw with CS6, the PSD's I'm saving in the edited folder no longer have any keywords or priority tags.  After looking into it further, I found that the JPEG's seem to be carrying the Keywords and Priority tags correctly, but the .NEF's are not.  As a side note, I also noticed that the image information at the bottom of the DP6 screen shows the ISO as "0" for all images.  I'm not sure if that's a related issue or not.


I'm running the latest versions of everything:  DP6 v6.0.29.15802,  CS6 Extended 13.0.1 x64,  Adobe Camera Raw v9.1.1.461, and Windows 7 Professional with the latest updates.

Can you take a look at that and let me know if it can be fixed?  If it would help, I can send you images straight off the cards to test with.




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