Nikon updates the D600 to the Nikon D610, but should you care?

It is unusual for a camera vendor to release an update to a flagship model after a year that only includes very minor changes, but that is exactly what Nikon has done with its new Nikon D610 DSLR. A year after the release of the amazing Nikon D600 Nikon has updated it with an almost identical model. The Nikon D610 has a few, tiny changes, but it is the same price as the Nikon D600 a year later… 

The Nikon D610 does bump the nominal frame rate from 5.5 fps to 6 fps, and adds a continuous mode Quiet shutter of 3 fps. But all the major specs are identical of those for the Nikon D600, including the price. Frankly that seems odd to me. Clearly Nikon has wanted to address the frequent reports of dust/oil on the sensor with an updated shutter that fixed them, but waiting an entire year and releasing a new model with essentially identical specs and price doesn’t seem like a trail-blazing approach.

In short, if you were looking to buy a Nikon D600 and hadn’t pulled the trigger or were concerned about what you’d read on sensor dust/oil, then by all means pre-order the Nikon D610. But if you were waiting for the next generation camera, or even a mid-life kicker, this announcement is much ado about nothing.