One Card To Rule Them All? 64GB SDXC Card Deal

SD cards are not only breathing down the neck of their larger CompactFlash siblings, but they are now available in similar huge capacities and at astonishingly low prices. B&H now has 64GB Class 10 (the fastest out there) Transcend SDXC (the new ultra-high capacity standard for SD) cards for $99 and their only slightly smaller 32GB brethren for $48. Even with a 12MP camera 64GB is around 10,000 images or the equivalent of 250 (re-usable) rolls of film for under $100!

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Hi-Cap SDHC or Any Cards.

I Feel it is a real Gamble using  a Card of 16 GB or more.  8 gb Cards are now cheap enough that you can have a bunch, and if one crashes or gets lost it isn't as bad as losing 64 gigs. Leanrning to keep track of the smaller cards should not be a big deal to most of us.

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Jim--That's a great point.

Jim--That's a great point. There seem to be two schools of thought on this. The "put your eggs in one basket and watch the basket" and the one you've suggested where you distribute images across several cards. 

I've got sympathies for both. Your points are valid, but I've also seen folks struggle to swap cards out when in the field and it isn't very convenient. In that case they certainly would have missed a lot less shots with larger cards. And they could simply keep track of the 1 or 2 they used.

So I don't really espouse one approach or the other but figrure people will decide which way they want to go as they get some experience.--David

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Reply to above.

I got a D7000 with 2 slots...Takes care of that potential problem

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