Online Gallery Hacking

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Online Gallery Hacking

I have been working as a freelance photographer, taking pictures for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties... you name it, for about 10 years. After moving into the digital age, I've always been a little bit dubious about having my work stored online. 

It seems that hackers have been targeting onlie album proofing sites for quite some time, and have been given access to our personal information and our work. My online gallery was hacked not so long ago, and my digital photgraphs have been removed, possibly to be reused somewhere else (this is only speculation.)

I am writing this post to remind fellow digital photographers to make sure that they are investing in extra firewall security, and other computer secure programmes, make your passwords more complicated and protect your work. Here are some ways that you can prevent hackers from stealing your work:

  • Use a secure password (one that you have to write down to remember)
  • Have a clause in your contract if you are using a third party online host to store your digital images - this clause should aim to limit your liability if your online gallery is hacked
  • Take out photograpger insurance to protect yourself if any of your images or your clients images are stolen etc.
  • Think about security through obscurity - this means that if you want your online gallery to be protected, then don't add them onto the main homepage of your site

These are just some simple steps you could take to stop yourself from experiencing the trauma of having your online gallery hacked. If there's something valuable being stored online, then there is something worth hacking, so protect your work as if it was your child.

Alice Porter - Freelance Photographer and Photography Insurance adviser.