best lighting set up??

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best lighting set up??
What is the best lighting set up for a small studio in our home for portraits and portable enough for weddings and location portraits (families/ seniors and outdoor weddings)? What brands and what would YOU buy for under $2,000? Do I need a portable battery pack? Suggestions on light meters - best for the money??Thanks so much for any help you can give me! -Linda
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Linda, This site has some good information. Check it all out.

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I'd get a couple new white lightning strobes with stands and a couple different umbrellas. For outdoor, a big reflector disc will often do instead of a flash if you don't want a battery powered system. I like their AC powered stuff as it recycles very quickly.
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Enthusiast, what do you think of Alien bees (made by White Lighning? What about doing large groups outdoors where a reflector isn't big enough?
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I use 283 and 285 Vivitars in umbrellas with light stands and pocket wizards. I also I have the AC power supplies if I want to run them from the wall outlet (SB-4, $17.00 at B&H) and remote sensor cord.

I've had several lighting systems over the years but I gotten rid of everything but this setup. I like them because they're tough, a 283 fell from the top of a fully extended 8-foot light stand after a hot shoe mount failed. Everyone was horrified that saw the flash fall. I just replace the mount and put the 283 back on the stand and it fired just fine. None of my studio lights would have survived this fall.

The 283 Vivitar is even more useful when you replace the auto sensor with VP-1 Vari-Power Adapter ($20.00 at B&H), this allows full manual control, anything from full power down to 1/64.

The system is inexpensive to buy, tough, small enough to take nearly anywhere, higher guide number then any of my Nikon speedlights and can shoot in more locations because it can use battery power.

All the weddings on my website are shot using this system.

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