Nikon D800 sensor blows away the competition in DxOMark tests

The Nikon D800 set the all time record score of 95 on its DxOMark tests, eclipsing the previous "king for 3 days," the Nikon D4. In short, purchasers of either camera are likely to be delighted with the images they get. Of course there is more to a camera than just the image quality, but if you'd like to read up on all the scores of the D800 and the D4 you can head over to the DxOMark feature story. You can back-order the Nikon D800 for $2999 from B&H, or the Nikon D4 for $5999.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Un-veiled, and it’s a winner!–Hand’s on report

I’ve been using Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 for awhile now and it’s impressive. I’m glad I can finally share my experiences and even more glad that everyone else can download the beta, for free, from Adobe Labs, starting today. You can read my article on the major features that Extremetech published today as a guide on where to start with CS6, and download it from Adobe for either Windows or Mac.

Mirrorless shootout: Sony NEX-5N vs. Panasonic Lumix GX1 field test

cardinal_sony_nex-5n_test0051Compact, mirrorless alternatives to DSLRs are without a doubt the hottest innovation around in the serious photography market. In their early iterations they were a convenient "crutch" for those who wanted reasonable images without the hassle of a larger DSLR, but recent improvements have made them serious candidates for many photographers who never thought they'd be without their DSLR. I've spent the last month shooting with two of the latest and greatest, the 16MP Sony NEX-5N and 16MP Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 and have plenty to report…

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Digital Light Shed: A photo accessory that will pay for itself

Impact Digital Light Shed - XLNearly everyone has at least a box of used electronics and camera gear sitting someplace in their house hoping for a better home. With cellphones, computers, and cameras being upgraded more frequently than ever, they can pile up faster than we can find friends or family members who might want them. In many cases, those electronics are still worth real money, so sending them off to one of the new “e-Cycling” ventures seems like a waste. eBay seems like the obvious answer, but taking good product pictures is such a hassle that many of us don’t take the time to do it – even if we take pictures for a living. That’s where the Digital Light Shed comes in… Read more »

Photodex ProShow 5: Slideshow King Gets More Than a Facelift

ProShow 5 Producer Screen ShotThere is not much about Windows that makes Mac users jealous. But for photographers, Proshow certainly does. Proshow Producer for Windows is the envy of all the Mac-using photographers I know. Over the years the team at Photodex has continued to listen to their users – power and novice alike – and enhance the usability and feature set of both the Gold and Producer versions. Their newest version, 5.0, is no exception to this positive trend. I’ve been using it for my production slide shows for awhile now and am happy to provide a hands-on review and some tips on new features… Read more »

The ultimate photographer’s briefcase? Thinktank Urban Disguise Field Test & Review

As a travel and nature photographer, I’m often carrying a large bag full of gear. But for many shorter trips, or for photo tours where I’ll only need shorter lenses, I’m always looking for the perfect travel photo bag that can double as my briefcase. It needs room for at least two cameras (I’m willing to check my third in a solid case or bring a rolling camera bag if I can carry a lot of gear on the plane), a few lenses, and at least one of my flashes. However, I also need to stash my laptop and papers in it – and these days even a tablet. So camera-only bags just don’t cut it. And most briefcases aren’t well suited as camera bags.

Nikon D800 and Nikon D800e DSLRs: Awesome, but are they right for you?

Nikon D800 SLR Digital Camera (Body Only)Nikon’s worst kept secrets, the Nikon D800 DSLR and Nikon D800e DSLR were, dare I say finally, announced yesterday. At 36MP and $3,000, it blows the doors off the raw pixel-per-dollar performance of Nikon’s flagship Nikon D3X – an $8K camera with lower resolution that uses older technology. And Nikon has amped up the video capability by leaps and bounds on the D800 and D800e. But is one of them the right camera for you… Read more »

nik’s Detail Extractor: For when spot metering just won’t cut it

EDL_InleLake_Fishermen_1960Unless you only shoot models in a studio, you’ve no doubt run into a lighting situation your camera just can’t handle. A very common one is a shaded subject in a bright environment. There are two classic ways to deal with the situation. First is flash. Of course, that only works if the subject is close enough and you have the right flash(es) to achieve the desired effect. The second, which I’ve often used at sporting events where the contestants are wearing caps, is to spot meter on the subject. But sometimes, like in the case of this Inthar fisherman in Myanmar, neither of those approaches will work. I’d really like to capture his wonderful facial expressions, but not lose the rendering of the background. If I spot meter for his shadowed face, I’ll blow out the scenery and even much of his fishing gear. Fortunately there is another solution… Read more »

Canon S100 field test: The best point and shoot you can fit in your shirt pocket

Canon PowerShot S100 point and shoot cameraDespite being crazy addicted to Nikon DSLRs, I usually find myself carrying a Canon point and shoot. Canon has consistently shipped small, usable, models that take great images. Sometimes it has gotten it wrong and packed too many pixels or too much zoom into too small a package, but year in and year out there have always been a few standout models. Read more »

Photoshop Touch: Android finally gets some Adobe love

Screenshot_Photoshop_Touch_BearsAs a loyal Android user (my wife has the iPad & iPhone in the family) I’ve been moping over the last year as one hot app for photographers after another came out for the “i*” products, and Android was left behind. Best sellers like Instagram, Snapseed, and even Adobe’s original tablet applications for use with Photoshop, were and are still only available on Apple devices. Read more »