August 6th, 2001--Moose's first impressions...

The D1H rocks! After already having gotten to know the D1X, using the H was a snap! You'll find all the main features are the same in the H as the X.

That's to say the flash and exposure fixes in the X are in the H (puts the D1 on the *&^% list now). The one difference that's really obvious is the H does not have CS#36 which is no loss.

The 5fps of the H and the corresponding write speed is the highlight of the camera! After shooting with the X, the H makes you feel like you're flying!

I've not found a subject worth ripping off a 40 frame burst yet, but I did do a very in depth analyzes of my son's fly casting cast by ripping of 27 frames. Unlike the D1 or the X, the H is much more responsive which is critical and a feature I was looking for in a digital SLR!

I'm off to Alaska for 3 weeks of shooting so I'll have plenty of images to post once I get back. I can tell you that I've already disposed on one D1 and ordered another D1H! Stay Tuned to for more information you need about digital photography!