Finished up my second week of shooting with the D1x and it still  performed excellently. I did experience the "Japanese Menu" bug, file folder renaming and the 3fps drove me nuts when photographing action. I have found one meter "weakness" and that's shooting in fog, I need to add +1 to get the right exposure. Otherwise, the camera does a great job. I am disappointed that Nikon did not clean up the white balance and make it more logical, but at least we got the flash problem fixed.

A month after shooting with the D1x and working with the files it captured, I am truly impressed! I switched to the Adobe color space (Mode II) on the D1x on the advise of David and found it did make a difference in the print quality (4 color press printing). The resulting printed images to have greater color depth! I also found that the added file information captured in Fine Large does not make a difference compared to Fine Medium when it comes to printing. Lastly, I confirmed that the CCD in the D1x is not the same CCD as in the D1/H. It is physically a newer CCD.

I no longer have the D1x as its 3fps and extra pixels are not something I need. I am shooting with the D1H which I really love, check out its review for more info.

--Moose Peterson

David's Note: For D1X fans, I'm keeping mine and plan to pair it with a D1H, so there will be plenty more about the D1X on as times goes on. I'll also post more about my recent experiences with the D1X in Alaska, but the short version is that they confirmed Moose's experience that the flash system is hugely improved, as is the color. There are definitely some flakeys with the metering in flat or foggy light though. Unfortunately mine suffered some type of Error condition and is on its way back to NPS so further details will have to wait a little!