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Final PMA 2009 News Update: Read DPS 7-03 as it is written from the show floor and we keep exploring the many new products of interest to our readers. Highlights include a 1000fps point and shoot, lots of new pro gear from Sony and the coolest new photo viewers ever.

Travel safe & secure with the photo travel tips we've provided in DPS issue 7-02, the official newsletter which is now available online.

DPS 7-01: Infrared Digital Tips, Techniques, and Images from Asia, LowePro Classified 250 AW Review, Hybrid NiMH Battery Review

DPS 6-11: The Magic of High Dynamic Range Imagery, Nikon D3X Intro & Lower Prices for the D300 and D700

DPS 6-10: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary, plus David's Favorite new Products & DigitalPro 5 Announcement

DPS 6-09: nik Sharpener Pro 3.0, Can Sharpening get any better? Plus a new Photoshop CS4 Learning Center from NAPP. All in issue 6-09 of DigitalPro Shooter the newsletter.

DPS 6-08: "Strutting your Stuff": Sharing your Images beyond the Print

DPS 6-07: "Back to Africa" Safari Notes & Announcement, Nikon's new Raw file Format, plus update on Nikon D700 & SB-900

DPS 6-06: New Products, Lexar UDMA Reader, WRP MP-7 "Location" Photo Pack, Samsung 320GB Laptop Hard Drive, Nikon Capture NX2

DPS 6-05: Special Issue on Burma's Cyclone Nagris & How you can Help

DPS 6-04: South Texas Bird Photo Safari Trip Report & Exclusive Tips on making your own Photos POP!

DPS 6-03: Comparing the Nikon D3 and D300

DPS 6-02: Images of Cambodia, Going beyond the Postcard, + PMA 2008 Camera Introductions

DPS 6-01: Returning to Burma after the Protests, A trip report & Announcement of our 2008 Photo Safari to Burma, Cambodia and Laos

DPS 5-10: Nikon D3 Hands-on Review & Field Test with Sample Images, Firefly Sensor Cleaner

DPS 5-09: Special Bulletin on the Nikon D3 and Nikon D300

DPS 5-08: Polar Bears of Churchill + Skooba Cable Designer & Lexar 300x CompactFlash Cards & UDMA Card Reader

DPS 5-07: The Perfect Trio of Flight Photography, Photographing Terns Fishing & an Update on Burma (Myanmar)

DPS 5-06: Alaska Grizzly Bear Photo Safari Trip Report & 2008 Announcement plus Canon SD1000 Field Test

DPS 5-05: More Images of Africa & Their Stories plus Top Reasons to Buy a D-SLR

DPS 5-04: Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 4.1 First Look & Gitzo Systematic Tripod Field Test

DPS 5-03: South Texas Birds Trip Report and 2008 Texas Safari Announcement

DPS 5-02: Burma from Buddha to Orwell, lessons we can learn, plus First Look at Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3

DPS 5-01: Three great photo travel tools: BatteryGeek External Power Supply, InFocus LP-120 Portable Projector and Draper Piper & Traveler Screens

DPS 4-17: Top Reasons to Buy a New Computer (Soon)

DPS 4-16: Images of Africa and the stories behind them

DPS 4-15: One-bag solutions for Airline Carry-ons for Photo Travel

DPS 4-14: Top reasons not to buy a new computer. Plus 2007 photo safari schedule.

DPS 4-13: All about 8-bit vs. 16-bit workflow & choice of Colorspaces

DPS 4-12: Photoshop World 2006, DigitalPro 4.1, Windows Vista

DPS 4-11: All about Photo Travel, Canon Powershot SD700IS Review

DPS 4-10: Safari Trip Reports, Canon 30D and 100-400mm USM Zoom Lens Review

DPS 4-09: South Texas:
Mecca for Birds and Bird Photographers

(including 2007 Safari announcement)

DPS 4-08: License to Steal? Will the Orphan Copyright Bill damage your business?

DPS 4-07: Point, Shoot & Toss? PMA 2006 Report

DPS 4-06: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off on the Web

DPS 4-05: Turbocharging Photoshop with LAB & Curvemeister

DPS 4-04: Looking backward on the Future of Digital Photography

DPS 4-03: Profiling your Printer, Colorvision Printfix Pro

DPS 4-02: Adobe Lightroom tackles Photoshop Conundrum

DPS 4-01: Digital Photo Safari Southern Africa Style!

Volume 3:

DPS 3-10: Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum

DPS 3-9: Photo Dictionary, Aperture, LightCrafts LightZone, Epson P-4000

DPS 3-08: RIPping your Printer: Should you buy a RIP?

DPS 3-07: Blame your camera: 10 tips for Diagnosing your Gear

DPS 3-06: The Future of Raw (including Microsoft Raw File Initiative)

DPS 3-05: D2X Survival Guide, D70S, D50, Portable Router

DPS 3-04: Megapixels: The True Cost of Resolution + Burma Trip

DPS 3-03: Nikon D2X Hands-on Review

DPS 3-02: 10 Things to have Two of, Events, Sensor Brush & 400GB Drives

DPS 3-01: The magic of Angkor Wat & Cambodia

Volume 2:

DPS 2-29: Road Tools & 2005 Events

DPS 2-28: Finally--A Raw file Standard

DPS 2-27: Photoshop Power Tools, Exhibition Prints

DPS 2-26: Raw+JPEG, Best of both Worlds

DPS 2-25: Image Cataloging Primer and Monterey Trip

DPS 2-24: Customer Service, Photographer Style

DPS 2-23: Older & Lighter: Improving Shooting Solutions

DPS 2-22: Photo Gear: What I carry in my Camera Bag

DPS 2-21: Landscape Photography, Nikon D2H, D70, Capture

DPS 2-20: PMA 2004 Highlights

DPS 2-19: Tips on building your own PC

DPS 2-18: All about Color

DPS 2-17: 10 Tips for new Digital Photographers

DPS 2-16: Taking Bad Photographs

DPS 2-15: Photo Travel

DPS 2-14: Killer Card and Killer Color

DPS 2-13: Whither or Wither Kodak?

DPS 2-12: The Future of Cameras

DPS 2-11: A Day in Paradise, Fall Color in Michigan

DPS 2-10: Digital Storage, the Dark Side of Digital?

DPS 2-9: Nikon D2H: The Last Camera I'll ever need?

DPS 2-8: What I miss most about Film

DPS 2-7: Raw vs. JPEG, Style or Substance?

DPS 2-6: Ten things to do when your disk fills up

DPS 2-5: PMA 2003

DPS 2-4: Digital Pixel System from Pixim, Real World Color Management

DPS 2-3: Making Great Images, plus Wedding & Sports News

DPS 2-2: Copyrights, Camera Profiles & Nikon Capture / NEF files

DPS 2-1: Top 10 Tips for improving your Photography

Volume 1:

DPS 1-18: Pro Photographer top 10 list: 2002 Year in Review

DPS 1-17: Nikon Buffer Upgrade, 1Ds review

DPS 1-15: Nikon D1X, D1H, D100 and Capture Upgrades

DPS 1-13: Future of Digital and Image Safety Tip

DPS 1-12: Improve your Composition, Nikon D100

DPS 1-10: Windows XP & Images, new Photorescue Build

DPS 1-8: DigitalPro Shooter Forums & Moderators

DPS 1-7: DP Canon Raw file support

DPS 1-6: DP 1.2 and PMA News Summary

DPS 1-05: Photoshop Tips

DPS 1-04 : 80-400VR & New Photorescue version

DPS 1-03 : Nikon D1X/D1H Rebate

DPS 1-02 : Digital Flash Explained

DPS 1-01 : Nikon D1 Rebate

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